From left: Heinz Soyer jun., Florian Soyer, Iris Gleicke (Member of the Federal German Parliament and Parliamentary State Secretary), Heinz Soyer sen. | Photographer: Gerhard Loske

Federal Innovation Prize 2014

Heinz Soyer Bolzenschweißtechnik GmbH received the Bundesinnovationspreis, one of Germany’s most coveted innovation prizes for the eleventh time at this year’s international Handwerksmesse in Munich, a trade fair for the crafts and skilled trades.

This innovation prize recognizes SOYER's mobile stud welding station HesoMatic-9 which combines energy source, control unit and feeding unit in one compact housing.

Further advantages of this new technological development are:

• Requires 50% less space owing to a compact design in a single housing

• No cumbersome and time-consuming manual feed

• Maximum operating comfort and significant time savings

• No elaborate cabling between units, thus minimizing the risk of error and susceptibility to damage

• Large diameter feeder bowl of 300 mm for long studs and large filling capacities

• Trouble-free transport due to stud feed via steps and low-noise operation

• Long service life due to high-grade, hardened and ground mechanical components

• One-piece casing as a protection against welding spatters, dirt and noise